Rui Guerra – professional award-winning underwater photographer and videographer

Since 1997 Rui Guerra has participated in several underwater photography competitions and won six times the title of National Champion along with a Vice-World title and been World Champion in one category.

Capturing underwater images in some more extreme environments, like underwater caves or under the ice, he uses only the best possible equipment, from rebreathers to high-end camera equipment. And he chose to use Dive And See DNC-N (for Atomos Ninja 2) for its built quality and ease of use in every situation, with loop through capability on his Subal ND800 housing.

Rui Guerra DNC-N Atomos Ninja2

Rui Guerra: Although I do not like very complicated systems, the truth is that sometimes it is a necessity rather than an option.
In these days when many DSLR do photography and high-quality video, we can still increase their features with some additional hardware. Also, since illumination for photography (flashes) have different characteristics than those for video (continuous light), it leads to the need to incorporate both types of light.
Thus, we quickly get to a point where the imaging equipment becomes much larger and weights much more than expected at the outset.
In this case, a weight of 16 kg and more than 1.5 m wide, make this system a nightmare out water, but very easy to use underwater, thanks to their floats on the pivot arms.
Of course that it is a setup only for open water where there are no obstructions that prevent

DNC-N  Underwater housing for Atomos Ninja-2 for Subal D800