Seacam underwater housing with external HDMI monitor

We developed HDMI bulkhead connector, which is suitable for the housings, with the threaded M14 port. Current bulkhead connector has Micro HDMI right angle connector, which perfectly fits inside of the Seacam housing for Sony Alpha a7 II DSLR camera.

hdmi-bulkhead-connector-for-seacam-underwater-housing-with-dnc-5-monitor seacam-housing-with-hdmi-external-waterproof-monitor-from-dive-and-seeunderwater-bulkhead-connector-for-secam-sony-a7-iim14-hdmi-waterproof-connector-with-micro-hdmi-right-angle


Подводный разъём DNC-2035 разработаный нашей компанией для бокса компании Seacam предназначен для подсоединения внешнего подводного монитора или внешнего HDMI кабеля

Planetsea Productions

Shaun Arrigo from Planetsea Productions wrote: “The DNC 5 is a perfect size, a bright monitor is awesome (although having the cover shade is crucial). The fact that it is a sealed product makes life much easier and the battery life is superb. Works great and no problem with Magic Lantern 5D3, and the most important thing – hence having a monitor, is your framing especially if shooting from the surface. This past weekend I had to shoot the Rolex Middle Sea Race from the surface as yachts approached me & having the monitor makes all the difference from framing your shots from the surface of the water. And the week before that we used it in a bath scene for the new film of Brad & Jolie – By the Sea. And again monitor is a needed requirement for framing.”.

HDMI monitor Canon Mark III DNC-5 Shaun Arrigo DNC-5 AquaticaRolex Middle Sea Race 2014 – Race Start (using DNC-5 monitor)

Cuttlefish mating

Here’s a photo of David Corwin during a dive in Southern Indonesia, that shows two Cuttlefish mating. He says, “Your monitor makes it much easier for me to use my underwater video gear.”

The pictures were taken by Gary Hals, MD.
David with cuttlefish

Dave Corwin and cuttlefishThe picture was taken in the Caribbean by Alvin Rosenfeld, MD, Dave’s dive buddy.

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