Custom made DNC-GP12 setup for a Car Racing competition

We got a specific request, to make a custom set based on GoPro Hero 7 camera for Car Racing competition.

The set needs to be weatherproof

With very thin cables and wires

With WiFi cable

With HDMI 4K support resolution

With Power cable

To do this order, we modified our DNC-GP12 set, added requested cables and connectors and successfully made setup per customer request.

dive and see custom made set Hero7 for car raicing with HDMI Live Streaming Power and WiFi_DNC-GP12 DNC-GP12 with Power WiFi HDMI_for car racing application made by Dive And See

Hero7 for Sewer Inspection Video live feed

Custom setup based on GoPro Hero7 camera and waterproof housing was developed to use for Sewer Inspection.

Hero7 Video for Sewer Inspection live feed Hero7 waterproof housing LED video light underwater power bank underwater power supply with sony batteries

This setup allows having a Live video at a surface monitor, so a customer can watch the cleaning operations in the pit and make them more efficient. The maximum available HDMI resolution of the Video Live stream can be 1920x1080x60 fps.
The HDMI signal easily can be recorded on the computer hard disk with amazing High definition resolution of the signal.
The battery pack consists of two rechargeable Sony F970 batteries.
The waterproof battery pack feeds the powerful LED Video light and camera.
Video Stream from the camera can send to the surface over the cable or connect to the Video transmitter.

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