Waterproof case for GoPro Hero7/6/5 with LED light for Live video HDMI streaming

We have some fantastic news for you. Now you can use GoPro Hero7/6/5 cameras for HDMI live streaming.


Our GoPro setup gives you the opportunity to record a high-quality 4K video on the memory card of the GoPro Hero7/6/5 camera.

DNC-GP10 allows streaming live video above the surface for watching on Big Screen or recording the best possible High Definition 3840×2160 30Hz HDMI signal from GoPro HERO5 Action Camera. Hero7 does not generate a 4K output signal from the HDMI connector. A maximum available signal is 1080p60. 

  • Live streaming on YouTube is easy with DNC-GP10
  • Record high-quality 4K video on the memory card of GoPro Hero7/6/5 camera
  • There is no more worry about running out of power during an underwater shoot. External Power cable allows you to power the GoPro camera
  • Waterproof Housing supports the best underwater camera GoPro Models: GoPro HERO7 Black, GoPro HERO6 Black Ultra HD Action Camera ‑ 4K
  • A perfect solution for YouTube streaming, boat bottom inspection, shallow sea culture construction inspection, aquarium, swimming pool competitions, Home Theater Projectors.

For more information, check out our website:  http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/dnc-gp10

  • GoPro Hero7 dnc-gp10 with LED underwater light and live view HDMI output cable GoPro Hero7 dnc-gp10 with LED underwater light_set GoPro Hero7 with external LED Video light GoPro Hero7 with HDMI Live view and external LED Video light

HDMI / Power cable

The waterproof case comes with permanently attaching two cables, 10 meters / 32 feet long.
The first cable is HDMI. Maximum available length – 10 meters / 32 feet (before any drop-off in signal or quality is detected). Cable has a regular HDMI connector (type A) on the surface/top end.
The second cable sends the power from the surface to the GoPro camera. Cable has a standard female 2.1mm x 5.5mm Barrel plug in the end.
The Power cable feeds the GoPro camera from the surface. You can use your own power source – voltage ranging from 7.4V to 24V (power source need to be at least 0.8A)

Power supply

We are providing two power sources: 12V power supply (110/220) and external battery plate (the concept is similar to power bank) for SONY L-Series F970 battery, which gives you extended usage time.
Furthermore, when you are using an external power source, you don’t need to use the original GoPro battery.

Detachable LED

Quickly Detachable LED light with built-in battery. One charge is good for 6 hours of Non-Stop usage.
USB cable for the charging is included in the set. The color temperature of the light is 6000K. No hot spot, wide-angle bim, great coverage. This light generates Max 400 Lumens light and offers 2 power settings and 1 SOS settings controlled by a reliable push-button. Depth rating – 45 meters