Aquatica 5D Mark II Underwater Housing for Canon 5D Mark II with External 7 inch HDMI display

Sarosh Jacob used Dive And See DNC-7A(H1) external underwater display to produce the two videos below for Sport Diver.
” It really helped in framing the shots and it’s nice being able to keep a histogram window open on the big screen”.

aquatica-housing-for-canon-5d-mk-ii-and-hdmi-7-inch-external-display-by-dive-and-see aquatica-housing-for-canon-5d-mk-ii-and-hdmi-7-inch-external-watertight-monitor-by-dive-and-see

Custom made Right angle HDMI connector for Light & Motion Bluefin housing

Recently Dive And See made custom Right angle HDMI underwater/water proof bulkhead connector (Elbow Connector), for 0.5″ diameter opening and Mini HDMI Type C connector on the end.  The Right angle / Elbow Connector creates a 90-degree angle, providing you with a significantly easier attach the external HDMI cable. This connector was custom installed on Light & Motion Bluefin housing by company to use with external HDMI monitor DNC-7A(H1) 

light-motion-bluefin-housing-with-external-hdmi-dnc-7ah1-monitor-from-dive-and-see-company light-motion-bluefinhousing-with-external-hdmi-monitor-from-dive-and-see-company-and-right-angle-bulkhead-connector custom-made-hdmi-right-angle-bulkhead-connectro-elbow-connector