Custom made Right angle HDMI connector for Light & Motion Bluefin housing

Recently Dive And See made custom Right angle HDMI underwater/water proof bulkhead connector (Elbow Connector), for 0.5″ diameter opening and Mini HDMI Type C connector on the end.  The Right angle / Elbow Connector creates a 90-degree angle, providing you with a significantly easier attach the external HDMI cable. This connector was custom installed on Light & Motion Bluefin housing by company to use with external HDMI monitor DNC-7A(H1) 

light-motion-bluefin-housing-with-external-hdmi-dnc-7ah1-monitor-from-dive-and-see-company light-motion-bluefinhousing-with-external-hdmi-monitor-from-dive-and-see-company-and-right-angle-bulkhead-connector custom-made-hdmi-right-angle-bulkhead-connectro-elbow-connector

GoPro Hero 4K camera with underwater WiFi Remote Control cable and Power Feed

Dive And See continue to expand the capability of usage GoPro HERO cameras for underwater applications. New setup DNC-GP6 ( allows in Real Time to control GoPro Hero3 HERO4 cameras remotely over passive WiFi underwater extension cable from distances of up to 80 meters, and at the same time to feed the GoPro camera from the surface.
You do not need computer or laptop, simply attach to the back of your phone, tablet or Apple Watch the cable, and use Free download GoPro App to control your camera remotely with Live preview, view photos, playback videos. Without open the underwater housing, you can Copy and save photos and Videos on your phone or tablet. With Remote WiFi underwater extension cable you can power the camera on/off, adjust settings, start/stop recording and capture photos. Power cable allows you to power the GoPro through the USB port using the wide range of power source from 12V to 24V. No more worry about running out of power during a shoot. Waterproof Housing supports the best underwater camera GoPro Models: HERO4 Black and Silver, HERO3+ Silver and HERO3+ Black Edition. DNC-GP6 is very useful for live production scenarios.
gopro-underwater-wi-fi-cable-extension. Underwater monitoring set. Live streaming marine life gopro-wifi-pasive-extention-cable-over-90-meteres gopro-smart-remote-control-by-dive-and-see. Record or broadcast live. gopro-underwater-wifi-extension-for-action-cameras


Очень простой и удобный в эксплуатации коплект подводного оборудования.

World’s first underwater GoPro rig with external HDMI monitor

Dave Corwin is using Dive And See’s GoPro Hero4 Black setup DNC-GP2 with external HDMI monitor DNC-5. He is also using two underwater video light systems from Light & Motion. The complete setup is neutrally buoyant.
This is the first setup in the world that connects an external HDMI monitor to a GoPro camera, allowing to control the image with a high-resolution external screen.

underwater lights for gopro, gopro hero 4 gopro hero 3, underwater camera, dive and see gopro diving light, gopro camera, GNC-GP2 gopro hero underwater rig underwater light for gopro GoPro HD Video Camera GoPro HD Video Camera, best gopro camera gopro underwater lights GoPro HD Video Cameras with Dive And See external underwater HDMI monitor GoPro - HERO4 Silver Waterproof Camera

The photos were taken in Cape Paperu, Indonesia.

Equinox HD 8 Underwater Video Housing for Sony FX7 & V1U Cameras

I am selling an Equinox HD 8 Underwater Video Housing for Sony FX7 & V1U Cameras.

This housing never been used in the water! I have used it only once for a demo, not in water. Condition is brand new. The housing was sitting in the box.

Housing has a port on the back plate (HDMI Output from the camera) for connecting an HDMI monitor, HDMI recorder or HDMI surface extension cable. If you do not need HDMI bulkhead connector, I can install just the plug.

Will sell for $750 (without bulkhead connector, just plug).

With HDMI bulkhead connector $1000 OBO, plus shipping.

IMG_0436_1 0440_11 0448_11 IMG_0438_1 IMG_0442_1 IMG_0444_1 IMG_0446_1 IMG_0447_1

Underwater shooting with Live Feed to the surface by Jim Knowlton

Using the HDMI output port of the Canon 5D Mark lll, Jim Knowlton can shoot underwater for your project while you monitor the shot live during recording. Jim also uses a Buddy Phone to allow communication underwater with the topside director and client. At the end of the shoot clients know they have the shots they need since they viewed them live during the shoot.


Jim Knowlton shoots with a Canon 5D Mark lll with an HDMI DNC-1066 cable out of an Aquatica Housing so that video can be viewed live on a monitor on the surface.

Pool Shoot with Live Video Feed to the Surface



The HDMI cable attached to the housing allows the Canon 5D Mark lll video to be monitored on the surface.

30m hdmi underwater cable

GoPro HERO4 Black with underwater HDMI waterproof connector

We modified existing GoPro waterproof housing for very popular 4K format cameras such a HERO4 Black, Hero4 Silver, HERO3+and added waterproof HDMI connector, which is allowed to use the capability of HDMI signal from the camera.

DNC-GP1_vs_DNC-GP2 DNC-GP1_vs_DNC-GP2_dive_and_see








Now you can:

Plug any our HDMI underwater external monitors to the bulkhead connector from GoPro housing, and control precisely subject of you shooting

Can connect extension HDMI surface cable, up to 30 meters, and send live view video for big screen or recorder device


4K_camera_HDMI_out_underwater_diveandsee Underwater HDMI Live Video Feed Out Housing up to 100 feet HDMI extension cable GoPro hero4 Underwater HDMI Live Video Feed Out Housing GoPro - HERO4 Black 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Camera from Dive And See






GoPro Camera underwater Mounts & Camera Accessories

External monitor, connecting over permanent 14 inches waterproof HDMI cable and automatically go into live-feed mode, when you turn ON the GoPro camera









There are a lot of divers who use GoPros now but having the lights and HD monitor adds another $3,500 to $4,000 to the cost. Still many of the divers who travel to exotic dive locations can afford that cost and have a need to keep their baggage weight down. This rig cuts 40 lbs of weight and can fit into my carry-on luggage. It eliminates the need for a large rolling case that carries my housing for a Canon HD camcorder.”

Dave Corwin

GoPro Hero 4 with Sola lights and 5 inch external monitor from DiveAndSee