DNC-1044 Underwater Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Depth Rating of the DNC-1044 cable: 90 meters
Strength: Maximum recommended pulling tension – 400 N
The material of cable construction: Jacket Polyethylene (PE), OD-8mm. The outer shell is very strong and robust against mechanical stress.
The material of connector: Nickel-plated Marine grade brass or Marine grade aluminum with Hard-Anodized coating

*Connecting any CAT6 applications to the computer, router. hub, Network, distribute data or video
4K/HD Camera such an AJA RovoCam .

*Transmit UltraHD (3840×2160) at 25/29.97 fps
*Gigabit Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (PoE) compatible
*Supports IP Cameras
*GIG-E Ethernet – RED Epic Dragon, allows for external metadata ingest.
*FTP Transfer – Using terminal for wired LAN connection Sony Alpha a9, Nikon D4, you can automatically transfer each image (RAW, JPEG or both) to the FTP server as you shoot or transfer images in batches after shooting. 
*EOS Utility – use EOS Utility to capture, view, and download images remotely. 
*Media Server – view images on a DLNA – compatible TV or other devices.
*WFT Server – use a web browser to capture, view, and download images remotely. 
*Remote Capture – Live View shooting images (not movies). 
*Camera Control – with Canon EOS 1DX Mark II (Release the button, Manual adjust focus, Shooting functions, and much more).
*Underwater DNC-1044 cable comes with 4-Pair 23 AWG Cat6 solid conductors, fitted with a normal male RJ-45 connector on the end. Custom length and other connector types are available (LEMO). The cable works with Dive And See bulkhead connector DNC-2025  and DNC-2031. Bulkhead connector sold separately


Full size HDMI bulkhead connector for Aquatica, Seacam, Nauticam housings

We have released a new version of custom made Full-size HDMI bulkhead connector for underwater housings such an Aquatica, Seacam, Nauticam, Sea&Sea.

The new version of this connector allowed to pass through 16 mm port of the housing Full-size custom made HDMI connector. As result – we eliminate one extra connection inside the housing and made the system more reliable.

Nauticam GH5 with Dive And See bulkhead connector full size HDMI Nauticam GH5 with Dive And See bulkhead connector Nauticam GH5 with Dive And See full size HDMI bulkhead connector


Bulkhead connectors come with a built-in water block. Water block will protect keep the vacuum inside of the housing when using the AirLock Vacuum System. Also protect the housing against penetration of the water, if something happening with external cable or connection between the cable and bulkhead connector.

Seacam and Nauticam GH5 with Dive And See full size HDMI M16 bulkhead connector_1


Underwater Fiber Optic USB3.0 cable

New USB3.0 Fiber Optic cable DNC-1030 is a good solution for professionals, who want to use the maximum capability of the DSLR cameras. A new generation of high-end cameras has high-speed USB3.0 port, which is designed to connect camera and computer through USB3.0 cable to transfer and saved on computer Hard Disk still photos and movies (instead of memory stick of the DSLR cameras). For users, who need to shoot, adjust camera settings Remotely – is a perfect tool.

USB Fiber optic technology allowed you to break the limitation of standard USB3.0 cable (which is maximum up to 4 meters) and extend length up to 50 meters.

This cable is a perfect solution for underwater photo sessions, underwater advertisement shootings, where a required maximum available uncompressed highest resolution of the still photos and HD movies. Simply install on your computer EOS Utility software, which is coming with the DSLR cameras (for Canon users EOS DIGITAL Solution Disk) and extend the capability of your underwater setup.

We have mate bulkhead connector for the Aquatica, AquaTech, Nauticam and Sea&Sea underwater housings. Unfortunately, other brands of the underwater housings have a very small size of the accessory ports, which is not allowed to pass through Mini B USB3.0 right angle connector. For custom configuration, size of the port need to be at least 16 millimeters.

For more information, visit our website http://www.diveandsee.com/products/cables/DNC-1030

USB 3.0 fiber optical waterproof 15 meters cableusb 3.0 fiber optic cable underwater for sea&sea housingCanon Mark 4 with fiber optic usb 3 cablesea&sea underwater bulkhead connector usb 3.0 for nikon d800O-ring and C-clips

SDI to HDMI over coax underwater cable

If you need to monitoring SDI signal on the surface, but you have only  standard HDMI Monitor, we offer option “SDI to HDMI converter”
This device will convert an SDI signal on the surface end of the underwater coaxial cable to full HDMI 1080p signal, which is acceptable by any consumer TV or monitors with HDMI input.
Converter Support the industry’s high-end 3G SDI signal and 1.485G SDI HD signal; Support PAL and NTSC.
Auto recognizes resolution of HD-SDI, SD-SDI and 3G-SDI for input.
Full HDMI supported with embedded audio
Synchronized output audio video and audio
Powered by AC adapter directly 5V to 12V, or battery source in that voltage range. 5V AC adapter is included.
Supported Video Resolution: SD 525i, 625i; HD720P@24HZ, 720P@25HZ, 720P@30HZ, 720P@50HZ, 720P@60HZ, HD 1080P@24HZ, 1080P@25HZ, 1080P@30HZ
Audio: 48KHZ digital audio. For more information and price see our site www.diveandsee.com

3g sdi waterproof underwater coax cable with bnc connector converter sdi to hdmi over coax cable waterproof 50 meters

Seacam underwater housing with external HDMI monitor

We developed HDMI bulkhead connector, which is suitable for the housings, with the threaded M14 port. Current bulkhead connector has Micro HDMI right angle connector, which perfectly fits inside of the Seacam housing for Sony Alpha a7 II DSLR camera.

hdmi-bulkhead-connector-for-seacam-underwater-housing-with-dnc-5-monitor seacam-housing-with-hdmi-external-waterproof-monitor-from-dive-and-seeunderwater-bulkhead-connector-for-secam-sony-a7-iim14-hdmi-waterproof-connector-with-micro-hdmi-right-angle


Подводный разъём DNC-2035 разработаный нашей компанией для бокса компании Seacam предназначен для подсоединения внешнего подводного монитора или внешнего HDMI кабеля

Underwater shooting with Live Feed to the surface by Jim Knowlton

Using the HDMI output port of the Canon 5D Mark lll, Jim Knowlton can shoot underwater for your project while you monitor the shot live during recording. Jim also uses a Buddy Phone to allow communication underwater with the topside director and client. At the end of the shoot clients know they have the shots they need since they viewed them live during the shoot.


Jim Knowlton shoots with a Canon 5D Mark lll with an HDMI DNC-1066 cable out of an Aquatica Housing so that video can be viewed live on a monitor on the surface.

Pool Shoot with Live Video Feed to the Surface



The HDMI cable attached to the housing allows the Canon 5D Mark lll video to be monitored on the surface.

30m hdmi underwater cable

Underwater LANC remote control cable and fitting

We release a new set of LANC remote control cable and bulkhead connector.

Water proof LANC Remote Control DNC-1080 cable is designed to control some functions of the camera – remotely, without dealing with buttons on the camera itself. Cable works with DNC-1050 LANC control bulkhead connector. The cable comes with flexible stranded conductors (up to 20 feet long), and standard 2.5mm Female Jack on the end. With this cable, can remotely control on Blackmagic Cinema Camera record starting and stopping, iris adjustment and manual focus adjustment. On Panasonic GH4 can use our cable with the shutter remote control DMW-RSL1. Custom length and other connector types (3-pin male 2.5mm connector) are available.

2.5mm 4-Conductor Female Jack zoom 20 feet underwater LANC cable diveandseee lanc fitting for nauticam gh4

LANC remote control bulkhead connector is designed to control some functions of the camera – remotely, without dealing with buttons on the camera itself. Bulkhead fits into the M16 threaded port of Nauticam housings (or 16mm opening) and works with DNC-1080 Underwater LANC remote control cable. It comes with flexible stranded conductors cable, fitted with a Right angle male 2.5mm phone jack connector on the end. With this fitting, can remotely control on Blackmagic Cinema Camera record starting and stopping, iris adjustment and manual focus adjustment. On Panasonic GH4 can use our cable with the shutter remote control DMW-RSL1.  Being a manufacturer allows us to provide custom variations (1/2 x 20; M12; M14; M15; etc) of the underwater bulkhead connectors. All of our bulkhead connectors have water blocks and are open face pressure rated to 150 PSI (100 meters). Custom length and other connector types are available. The protective cap is included.

2.5mm 4-Conductor Female Jack underwater 2.5mm 4-Conductor Female Jack underwater fitting diveandseee lanc fitting for nauticam gh4 housing

New line of USB, Ethernet bulkhead connectors

We developed a new line of USB, Ethernet bulkhead connectors, and cables, which is allowed to provide data communication between an underwater housing and top surface device, such a SmartPhone, Android devices, remote controls, network devices, computer.

underwater Ethernet RJ45 cable connector Underwater LANC control bulkhead connector underwater usb Micro B connector underwater usb type A connector