Waterproof case for GoPro Hero7/6/5 with LED light for Live video HDMI streaming

Now you can use GoPro Hero7/6/5 cameras for Live Video HDMI streaming.

Waterproof case comes with permanently attaching two cables, 12 meters long.

The first cable is HDMI. Maximum available length – 12 meters /40 feet (before any drop-off in signal or quality is detected). Cable has a regular HDMI connector (type A) on the surface/top end.

The second cable sends the power from the surface to the GoPro camera. Cable have standard female 2.1mm x 5.5mm Barrel plug on the end. Set include 12V universal (100/240v) power supply and battery plate for SONY L-Series F970 battery.

DNC-GP10 allows streaming live video above the surface for watching on Big Screen or recording best possible High Definition 3840×2160 30Hz HDMI signal from GoPro HERO5 Action Camera. Hero7 does not generate a 4K output signal from the HDMI connector. A maximum available signal is 1080p60.

  • Live video streaming on YouTube made easy with DNC-GP10
  • Record high-quality 4K video on the memory card of GoPro Hero7/6/5 camera
  • There is no more worry about running out of power during an underwater shoot. External Power cable allows you to power the GoPro camera
  • The Power cable feeds the GoPro camera from the surface. You can use your own power source – voltage ranging from 7.4V to 24V (power source need to be at least 0.8A)
  • Set include a 12v power supply (110/220) and battery plate for SONY L-Series F970 battery, which gives you extended usage time
  • Waterproof Housing supports the best underwater camera GoPro Models: GoPro HERO7 Black, GoPro HERO6 Black Ultra HD Action Camera ‑ 4K
  • Quickly Detachable LED light with build in battery. One charge good for 6 hours Non-Stop usage
  • A perfect solution for YouTube streaming, boat bottom inspection, shallow sea culture construction inspection, aquarium, swimming pool competitions, Home Theater Projectors.

For more information, see http://www.diveandsee.com/products/underwater-monitors/dnc-gp10

  • GoPro Hero7 dnc-gp10 with LED underwater light and live view HDMI output cable GoPro Hero7 dnc-gp10 with LED underwater light_set GoPro Hero7 with external LED Video light GoPro Hero7 with HDMI Live view and external LED Video light