GoPro Hero 4K camera with underwater WiFi Remote Control cable and Power Feed

Dive And See continue to expand the capability of usage GoPro HERO cameras for underwater applications. New setup DNC-GP6  allows in Real Time to control GoPro Hero3 HERO4 cameras remotely over passive WiFi underwater extension cable from distances of up to 80 meters, and at the same time to feed the GoPro camera from the surface.
You do not need computer or laptop, simply attach to the back of your phone, tablet or Apple Watch the cable, and use Free download GoPro App to control your camera remotely with Live preview, view photos, playback videos. Without open the underwater housing, you can Copy and save photos and Videos on your phone or tablet. With Remote WiFi underwater extension cable you can power the camera on/off, adjust settings, start/stop recording and capture photos. Power cable allows you to power the GoPro through the USB port using the wide range of power source from 12V to 24V. No more worry about running out of power during a shoot. Waterproof Housing supports the best underwater camera GoPro Models: HERO4 Black and Silver, HERO3+ Silver and HERO3+ Black Edition. DNC-GP6 is very useful for live production scenarios.
gopro-underwater-wi-fi-cable-extension. Underwater monitoring set. Live streaming marine life gopro-wifi-pasive-extention-cable-over-90-meteres gopro-smart-remote-control-by-dive-and-see. Record or broadcast live. gopro-underwater-wifi-extension-for-action-cameras

Очень простой и удобный в эксплуатации коплект подводного оборудования.