GoPro HERO4 Black with underwater HDMI waterproof connector

We modified existing GoPro waterproof housing for very popular 4K format cameras such a HERO4 Black, Hero4 Silver, HERO3+and added waterproof HDMI connector, which is allowed to use the capability of HDMI signal from the camera.

DNC-GP1_vs_DNC-GP2 DNC-GP1_vs_DNC-GP2_dive_and_see








Now you can:

Plug any our HDMI underwater external monitors to the bulkhead connector from GoPro housing, and control precisely subject of you shooting

Can connect extension HDMI surface cable, up to 30 meters, and send live view video for big screen or recorder device


4K_camera_HDMI_out_underwater_diveandsee Underwater HDMI Live Video Feed Out Housing up to 100 feet HDMI extension cable GoPro hero4 Underwater HDMI Live Video Feed Out Housing GoPro - HERO4 Black 4K Ultra HD Waterproof Camera from Dive And See






GoPro Camera underwater Mounts & Camera Accessories

External monitor, connecting over permanent 14 inches waterproof HDMI cable and automatically go into live-feed mode, when you turn ON the GoPro camera









There are a lot of divers who use GoPros now but having the lights and HD monitor adds another $3,500 to $4,000 to the cost. Still many of the divers who travel to exotic dive locations can afford that cost and have a need to keep their baggage weight down. This rig cuts 40 lbs of weight and can fit into my carry-on luggage. It eliminates the need for a large rolling case that carries my housing for a Canon HD camcorder.”

Dave Corwin

GoPro Hero 4 with Sola lights and 5 inch external monitor from DiveAndSee