Planetsea Productions

Shaun Arrigo from Planetsea Productions wrote: “The DNC 5 is a perfect size, a bright monitor is awesome (although having the cover shade is crucial). The fact that it is a sealed product makes life much easier and the battery life is superb. Works great and no problem with Magic Lantern 5D3, and the most important thing – hence having a monitor, is your framing especially if shooting from the surface. This past weekend I had to shoot the Rolex Middle Sea Race from the surface as yachts approached me & having the monitor makes all the difference from framing your shots from the surface of the water. And the week before that we used it in a bath scene for the new film of Brad & Jolie – By the Sea. And again monitor is a needed requirement for framing.”.

HDMI monitor Canon Mark III DNC-5 Shaun Arrigo DNC-5 AquaticaRolex Middle Sea Race 2014 – Race Start (using DNC-5 monitor)