• I'm very happy to tell you that everything works perfectly!

    - Armin Muek  
  • Positioning is very flexible. I have the monitor mounted on an Ultralight arm and can position it easily for different shooting conditions.The optical viewfinder of my housing really limits the usefulness of the camera's LCD, but the external monitor is mounted above the optical, so it is always easy to see.   - Steve Fish

    - Steve Fish  
  • I have used Blue gun to adjust saturation
    to 30 (on a color standard image):works very fine! During dives it's a true pleasure to use the monitor.

    - Jean-Pierre Montseny  
  • The monitor made all of the difference in the shots. Your monitor is by far the best setup on the market as far as size and screen area is concerned. - Capkin van Alphen  
  • Charging, connecting the main signal cable, and connecting the monitor to the housing were all very simple. Mainly, the monitor image is beautiful, large, clear and bright.

    - Sharron Sussman